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Interior Essentials

The ultimate Asset Library for Blender

and Flow Asset Manager!

Latest update - September 2022

Interior Essentials

The ultimate asset library for architectural visualizations

Improve your Visualizations in minutes

The essence of Interior Essentials is the Library of hyperrealistic but optimized objects, that will breathe life into your interiors. And this will be the only asset pack you've ever needed. It contains all those stuff, that you've never had time for to model. The Library already contains over 500 models, and once you buy it, you will be able to download any future updates of this product.
Stop wasting your time and money on looking for the perfect miscellaneous objects for your scene. In the price of just a few single models, you receieve the whole, ready to use, library of assets with perfect PBR materials for Blender Cycles & Eevee render engines and the variety of single object types.

Powered by Flow Asset Manager Flow Blender Asset Manager

Alongside Interior Essentials, we've developed the amazing asset manager for Blender 2.83+. Thanks to it, usage of the asset library is now easier than could ever be. Placing and duplicating the desired objects now requires just a few mouse clicks. The library is very transparent, so you can see the previews of the objects just before you place it, so you doen't have to remember hundred of names and locations of your 3d assets. You may also customize your old objects, so they can be accessible by our plugin.

With Flow, you can also add your custom objects and materials to the library, directly from any Blender scene! You can also create your own custom properties for your assets and tweak the settings straight from the Flow addon panel

Flow Asset Customization System

Our assets are now highly customizable with the addon, so you don't need to convert them to the editable meshes in order to customize their material. Most of the objects got the customizable properties so you could easily play and experiment with them, making the better designs and renderings. You can also add your own properties to the objects - both to our and to your very own assets!

One payment - lifetime access!

We want to stand against really expensive models, that are usually poor quality. We want to provide you the ultimate library with just everything you need to improve your renders. With just one payment, you gain unlimited access to all the library and all the future updatesof this Library and the Flow plugin!

Try it now for free!

You may try our addon before you buy it. Download now free version, that includes the limited plugin and few samples of the models. Don't worry, there is no trial period, once you download it, you may keep it forever. And the plugin will be always available for you for free!

Interior 3d assets

Interior Essentials features

Breathe life to your visualizations

The detail matters. Nothing makes the scene more realistic than the real life objects. Our unique library can help you with improving your scenes and interior designs, by using the large variety of miscellaneous interior objects. And all of them are ready to use for Blender Cycles. You won't have to dig through the whole Internet to find your desired object, and then convert it and create its materials from scratch.

Interior Essentials 3d Assets Library Blender

Assets working both Cycles and Eevee

The Interior Essentials assets are working both with Cycles render engine and with Eevee engine.

Interior Essentials 3d Assets Library Blender

Speed up your workflow

Add the photorealistic assets within seconds. Customize them easily in Interior Essentials addon panel without the need of entering the shader editor. Append quick PBR materials to your model with the help of our creator or simply add the material from the pre-created library. Generate randomized, photorealistic ceramic tiles and wooden floorings. All within SECONDS!

Interior Essentials 3d Assets Library Blender

models so far (and still growing)

You will receive this large library just for a price of few single models. And we won't stop growing, so you will be able to download the regular updates with new packs of assets. Most of them are customizable within the addon. Make your interiors more alive than ever!

Interior Essentials 3d Assets Library Blender

Preserving the finest details

Once again - the detail matters. We are aware of that, so we are trying to put it down on our creations. First of all, the objects included in the library are equipped with detailed, but optimized PBR materials. Also the models themselves are preserving the finest details, what makes them look as much realistic as possible.

Interior Essentials 3d Assets Library Blender

Selected Assets Preview