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HDRi & World Management

HDRi Management

Flow 2.2 added the new 'Sky Manager' subpanel that helps managing the current world's environment texture directly from the Flow panel, and adjust it's strength or settings. Plugin will load all the .hdr and .exr files located inside the '.../Flow Library/hdri/category/subcategory' directory (for more details, visit Library Management section) Flow HDRi Manager

HDRi settings

You can select the hdr for your scene staright from the Flow panel, select previous / next texture from the folder. You can also adjust the background strength and hdri location, without the need of opening the shader editor.

Flow HDRi Manager

Sky Texture settings

Aside from managing HDR, you can also replace it with the Sky Texture (Nishita) if you are using Cycles. This option is node available in Eevee, as this engine does not support Nishita Sky Texture. All the sky texture settings will be available in the Flow panel, without the need of opening the Shader Editor.

Flow HDRi Manager

Worlds Management

In Flow 2.4 the Worlds management has been introduced. You may now save your Worlds into the Flow Library, making them easily re-usable with the help of the plugin

Add Worlds to Library

To add the World to the library, just select the desired world in Blender scene (you may do it in main Blender world properties or directly in the Flow Panel), and find Add World to Library in the Flow Panel. This operator may also be found in Flow main menu (CTRL+SHIFT+X). Select or create the category for the current world, type it's name (by default, the name of the world in Blender will be used) and click OK. The world is now saved in your Flow Library with all the environment textures.

Flow World Manager Flow World Manager

Load Worlds from Library

You may load your worlds anywhen, simply go to the Flow Panel or Flow main menu (CTRL+SHIFT+X) and find Load World operator. Select the category and the desired world and click OK. The selected world will be automatically appended to your Blend file and set as the current scenes world.

Flow World Manager