Flow 2.2 - Asset Manager for Blender

April 2021

Flow 2.2

The ultimate asset manager created for Blender artist. Save tons of time on looking for your assets throughout the projects! Organize your models and materials library, create your own adjustable assets and create better scenes with Blender!

Flow 2.2 key features

  • Assets & Materials libraries - Organize your models & materials in one place
  • Textures Library - Add textures to your materials straight from the panel level
  • HDRi Manager - use HDRs from your library just with one click
  • Categories and subcategories - For the better organization of your library
  • Fast Asset appending system - Local and Linked instances
  • Customize Asset Color & Properties - New assets properties system
  • Easy Asset Creation - Add any models and materials to your library in seconds
  • Instance Tools - The new easy approach to instance collections!
  • Quick Material Generator - Create quick generic PBR materials in seconds
  • Use one of our Flow libraries - or create your own library from scratch
  • Add assets from other libraries - Store all your assets just in one place
  • Automated tools to make your Blender workflow even quicker!